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Description: In 1905 an exiled chinese revolutionary makes plans to overthrow the ruling and corrupt Qing dynasty. However friends and foe are not easy to identify in this cloak and dagger story and to save a nations future the people must protect one man from its past. With a star studded Asian cast and awe-inspiring cinematography, Bodyguards and Assassins is one of Hong Kongs most awaited blockbuster. A gripping storyline, set in a time of political upheaval, we are retold the story of a significant chapter in Chinese modern history. Set in 1905, Sun Yat-Sen, an exiled Chinese revolutionary plans a rendezvous with fellow Tongmenghui members to overthrow the incumbent and corrupt Qing dynasty. However, as the news of the impending revolution spreads, both sides - the rulers and the revolutionaries are forced to take quick action as assasins are sent out to kill Sun. The assassins are led by the cunning official Xiao Guo (Hu Jun) while a businessman Li yutang (Wang Xueqi) and a revolutionary member Xiao Bai (Tony Leung) gather a motley crew of bodyguards from almost all walks of life, including rickshaw pullers, hawkers and beggars. What follows is an intense drama and action mix that leave you gasping for air in a realistically recreated 1900s Hong Kong scene. Behold history in the making with this soon to be classic directed by Teddy Chan.
Comments by the Master: This is Cung Le s debut in the kung fu movies. He has a very good fight with Donnie Yen. The movie is a very good quality story. The kung fu action starts slow but by the end of the movie is very good. Cung Le good job. What I do not understand is at the end in the rickshaw when the revolutionist are running why the guy do not get out and just run he keeps waiting for someone to pull the cart. People are trying to kill you get out the cart and run.
Productcode: 37882
Actors: DONNIE YEN; Tony Leung Ka Fai; Simon Yam Tat Wah; Eric Tsang Chi Wai; Hu Jun; Zhou Yun ; Fan Bing-Bing; Leon Lai Ming ; Anthony Wong Chau-Sang ; Wang Xue-Qi; Yen Ji-Dan; Wang Bo-Chieh ; Li Yuchun; Mengke Bateer; Cung Le ; Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung ; Philip Ng Wan-Lung ; Wang Wen-Jie ; Xing Yu; Michelle Reis
Directed by: Teddy Chen Tak Sum
Run Time: 139 MIN
Language: MANDARIN
Subtitles: ENGLISH
Category: MOVIE
Format: DVD
Region: all