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Description: It was an ordinary night on Phi Phi Island where the usual nightlife was loud and lively overflowing with foreigners at every street bar lined up on the island. KEM and a group of friends innocently fell victim to a group of doped-up foreign kickboxing fighters looking for trouble where ultimately, KEMs father was killed on the scene. Now an orphan, KEM moved to live in a nearby temple where the head monk became his guardian. Often blaming himself for his fathers death, KEM would secretly learn Thai boxing at a local MUAY THAI bar belonging to his friends father, UNCLE PRAOW. Time passes on and KEM grows up in the Muay Thai fighting scene. Without his monk guardians acknowledgement, KEM learns to make a living off of rigged fighting matches where he fakes a defeat to his foreign Muay Thai opponents in exchange for their tips. Uncle Praows Muay Thai fighting bar becomes the local attraction for visiting foreigners and word gets out to JOHN, a leader of a Muay Thai fighting team made up of foreigners called K-1. They travel to Phi Phi Island looking to buyout the bar using the facility to set up their own Muay Thai training camp, but Uncle Praow refuses to sell his property. Displeased, K-1 assaults Uncle Praow, Kem, and the employees of the bar. In fear for KEM s life and not wanting to repeat what happened to his father, Kem's monk guardian takes him off the island to become a student of his friend, an old Muay Thai Master. It is here that Kem learns the disciplines of the ancient Thai boxing of Fighting Beat known for fighting bare-handedly dated back to a Thai history of battle where these techniques were used in combat distinguished by 4 different regional styles from the North, South, Central, and Eastern parts of Thailand with each style owning its uniqueness and strengths. KEM returns to Phi Phi Island to find that Uncle Praow s bar had been forcefully taken over by K-1, the same group responsible for his father's death. Things turn violent when K-1 refuses to return the bar and KEM is forced to use his Muay Thai disciplines in order to protect himself and his friends. The deadliest street fight is set when the ancient disciplines of Fighting Beat Thai boxing (quick, reactive, fierce, and deadly) come face to face with a modern day adapted form of Thai kickboxing combat of K-1. KEM is put to the test while caught up in this deadly street fight. Can he overcome his feelings of revenge and rage by practicing the disciplines he has learned of the art of Fighting Beat: Muay Thai Chaiya?.... [Victory does not mean a fight to the death of your opponent, but true victory is achieved when your opponent willingly accepts defeat.]
Comments by the Master: After his father is killed by a group of doped-up foreign kickboxing fighters, young Kem learns from a series of Muay Thai boxing masters until he is a lethal fighting machine, capable of taking his revenge.
Productcode: 31049
Actors: Thun Thanakorn || Nuttanan Juntarwet || Sura Teerakol (Nicky Teerakol)
Directed by: Piti Jaturaphat
Run Time: 80 MIN
Language: THAI
Subtitles: ENGLISH
Category: MOVIE
Format: DVD
Region: all